Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Invisible

We move past people every day who might as well be invisible. They slide through our day without making a ripple or disturbing our rhythm. It's a learned behavior for all--those that keep their head down to avoid attention and those that have trained their eyes to glance over others without pausing. The invisible are deformed in ways they have been conditioned to hide-whether it is a physical, spiritual or character infirmity. Sadly, we affirm their self-image when we neglect them and the path of regret, pain, poor choices, and abuse that have led them here. It's a general lack of compassion embodied by ignorance, apathy, and self-serving social calendars.

True compassion refuses to settle for pretending to ignore. True compassion won't settle for false concern and platitudes offered from the comfortable safety of social clubs and padded church chairs. True compassion is the action of looking someone directly in the eyes and acknowledging that they exist. By simply saying, "I see you," we communicate that they are a person of value. We recognize that they are exactly as we are--fellow travelers on this road of imperfection, pain, and redemption. It's the murmur of one heart to another that says, "I know you're in there. I won't ignore you or shove you aside no matter what you look like and no matter what's been done to you." This reflects genuine desire to engage another life with the motive of human compassion and healing love.

I see you. Are there any three words that contain more power to someone who is used to being overlooked and ignored? Opening our eyes and engaging with the wounded is the first step in transforming and developing authentic community.

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