Friday, April 26, 2013

Real Life

I heard someone say once that life is either Disney or Dickens. One is the most magical place on earth where nothing ever goes wrong, but people randomly burst into song and dance numbers while dressed in colorful costumes with perfect hair. The other is a depressing, difficult existence of striving to overcome insurmountable odds while the world around you is driven by hopelessness and despair. While real life may occasionally reflect such disparate comparisons, it's more likely that there is a third descriptive qualifier--God. 

Life isn't all wonderful & magical nor is it always drowning in gloom, rejection, and hopelessness. The most accurate reflection of our life's roller coaster is that it all belongs to God. It's a promise of hope for desperate times and joy found in the most trying of circumstances. It's confidence in a King whose power and influence are not affected by the status of our bank account, our most recent medical report, or the patience-fraying, stress-increasing situations we face. Instead of quick ascensions and death-defying plummets we can find peace through uplifting and trying times by recognizing His divine sovereignty and being content.

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