Friday, August 31, 2012

Preaching Rocket Thoughts

I was in Atlanta today at NorthPoint Community Church for a workshop sponsored by Preaching Rocket. It was a great time to get away with our preaching team & to hear from great leaders and pastors including Andy Stanley & Louie Giglio (and others.) I tweeted a few things earlier today, but thought it would be a better summary in a blog post.
  • If we're not prayed up for our sermon, it will show up in our sermon.
  • The reason God lets us be part of this process is that He likes to go to work with His kids.
  • We are followers 1st & preachers 2nd.
  • Set a goal in the realm of things you can control.
  • Does my approach to communicating support my goal or trump my goal?
  • Engaging unchurched people has more to do with your approach than your content.
  • If you want people to fall in love with the author of Scripture, you have to get them into the text.
  • When you give unchurched people an out, they respond by leaning in.
  • If Christians would act like Christians, non-Christians might want to be a Christian.
  • The reason we take the Scriptures seriously is because of Jesus-not the other way around.
  • The main commodities to reach this generation are authenticity & vision.
  • Humility is a by-product of walking with Jesus.
  • Important information that's not remembered won't have the desired impact.