Monday, September 3, 2012

Lift the Veil

Yesterday I was on our balcony watching the sun come up while my family was sleeping. It was a peaceful start to my Sunday with a good cup of coffee & time to read my Bible. In between watching the ocean and reading, I was reflecting on what God has done in our lives the past three years. Sometimes I fail to recognize how much has transpired and how God has been actively working in and through us. The crazy schedule of life can often distract me from seeing God's constantly moving plan. Fixing my attention only on task lists causes a veil to be dropped over my eyes. It prevents me from seeing the truth of my purpose and the work that God is calling me to be a part of. I need these glimpses of reality to encourage me to keep striving when things are tough. It's a perfect reminder of the undercurrent of God's plan throughout all of my life.

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