Sunday, August 5, 2012

Flip a Coin

After wrapping up our series on the Sermon on the Mount this morning by sharing a two-headed sermon with Mike, I am reflecting on the concept of choices. We are obviously faced with them all day long--some of them quite simple (what to eat/wear) & others quite complex (financial opportunities, relationship decisions, choosing to follow Christ, etc.) There is no doubt however, that our future will be a sum of the choices of our past. While that may sound obvious, I think that we neglect to give careful consideration to that principle. We can become so flippant about making choices that we fail to see how the options we have available to us tomorrow are based upon the decisions we make today.
  • Relationships with our family can be negative or positive based on how we choose to treat them
  • Our financial future can be negatively or positively impacted by how we choose to spend today
  • Career opportunities can be enhanced or decreased by (un)ethical decisions
  • Our character can be strengthened or weakened by how we choose to treat those around us
  • Spiritual development can increase or decrease as a reflection of our devotion today
  • We can gain the right to speak God's truth to people that need to hear it because we have earned that right through Christ-like compassion and genuine love today

We will not always choose correctly, but we can hopefully make choices with healthier intentions for tomorrow if we realize the magnitude of what we are building on each day.

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