Thursday, August 16, 2012

Glory Days

We tend to reflect on past athletic accomplishments and talk about the glory days of scoring four touchdowns in one game, hitting a game winning shot, or starring in the school musical. I am a nostalgic person as well and enjoy telling a tale of great times of the past. As time passes however, those grand adventures become smaller in our rear view mirror and don't reflect our current abilities at all.

The same can be true in the church. We boast about what our churches did in the past and talk about planting, baptisms, attendance records, and what used to be, with no new stories to tell. When yesteryear becomes the only tale that we share it's obvious that nothing exciting is happening. After a while we are simply regaling people with stories of times gone by and not sharing any work that we are currently engaging in. It's a sign that the past has become more important to us than future growth & potential.

We can't rest on our accomplishments without moving forward or our glory day stories will become eulogies for dead churches and inactive Christians.

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