Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Basic Skills

It's the time of year for football to crank up & it always takes me back to my days of athletic training and hours in the hot sun. The football preseason would always start with the basics: conditioning, blocking, tackling, and position-specific drills. The tasks that athletes would undertake would build their foundation for the rest of the season. If a tough stretch would hit later during the year, a coach would take the team back to the basics and reinforce the most important foundational skills and lessons.

The spiritual application is fairly apparent. There are things that we do as part of our faith development (prayer, studying Scripture, reading other materials, serving) that help us to build the right foundation. When we have difficulties, they can often be traced back to forgetting our basic training. Maintaining a disciplined connection to what brought us this far can often help to break us out of our spiritual doldrums and create joyful momentum once again.

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