Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Last Resort

A motel in Cocoa Beach, Florida has recently changed their business model and decided to become a clothing optional inn. The owner of the motel stated that business has been so bad lately that he didn't have any other options and that a "nekkid" establishment was their last resort. 

What do we do when we feel we have no choices left? Immature faith will keep choosing other options instead of Christ as long as we think they are available. We relegate Christ to a fail safe alternative or a bailout plan instead of our primary focus. Naturally, this is not God's design for our relationship with Him, so He will set up scenarios where we have to make a choice. This creates a pivotal moment in our faith and an opportunity for us to experience growth in our relationship with Christ. It is a shifting of our perspective from exhausting every other possibility before seeking God, to looking for Him before anything else.

He isn't Creator of the universe and King of all Kings so He can be our backup plan. Genuine intimacy and submission to Christ means that He has become our first and last resort.

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