Friday, June 5, 2015

Work It

The NBA Finals started last night (non-sports fan readers-don't tune out just yet!) and the Warriors came back to win the Game 1 after being down by double digits. When asked about the comeback in a post game interview, their leading player pointed to their commitment to their system. He said they believed in what they had done all year to get here and didn't panic. They were able to maintain focus on the important things through adversity and do what had proven to be successful.

I would like to keep the same focus in my personal life. There are many good practices which have led me to this phase of life. These are physical, spiritual, relational, mental, and emotional habits which are part of my life system. While I need to be ready to adapt and make modifications as I grow, I can't neglect the important steps that have led me to this point. When I feel as if I am losing, I need to stay focused on healthy habits and keep doing what is right.

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