Thursday, June 18, 2015

Your Perception Matters

In yesterday's blog, I wrote about other people's perceptions and how that shapes their view of reality. However, I don't think it's fair to only focus on others without giving some attention to our own (mis)perceptions. Often it may be easier to point out (even respectfully) where people around us are incorrect in their viewpoints without addressing our own inaccuracies.

Are we aware of how we see things? Do we pay attention to what is influencing our understanding of people and events? If we want to become more mature, we've got to take a step back and carefully evaluate the way we view things. It's a practice of self-evaluation which is necessary to determine what is healthy and where our vision may be somewhat skewed.

This personal level of analysis is fueled by the same trait for helping others: humility. We've got to be humble enough to realize we may not be seeing things correctly and then work to realign ourselves to what is right and best. This isn't always an easy practice, but it's necessary if we want to have a healthy attitude and stronger relationships.

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