Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Fulfillment is an interesting concept. We often look for it in places we are unlikely to find it and then act surprised when we are left feeling empty. It can actually create a self-perpetuating cycle wherein we seek affirmation in areas that don't deliver and then we increase our efforts in the same area hoping more energy will bring what we want. It's a trap that has us searching for validation in other people, our reputation, career, family achievements, and even financial stability. While none of these things are necessarily awful on their own merit they won't provide the contentment we desire. It only becomes a series of mile markers along a journey where we never reach the destination we hope for.

The task in front of us isn't necessarily easy. We need to take the desires of our heart--the things we chase after--and surrender them to God. Our willingness to seek Him through all of these other areas will fulfill us in the ways we've been hoping for through our other pursuits.

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