Friday, June 12, 2015

They Came to Serve

Our week of camp has finally come to an end and we have all returned safely to our own homes. It was a powerful week of adventure, spiritual experiences, and tremendous laughter. This just wrapped up my 12th year of leading camp and I believe I have a few more in me. I am always learning new things as we lead, but one thing remains the same. Our week of camp is only as strong as our volunteer leaders. I have been tremendously blessed each year by the volunteers who sacrifice their time, money, energy, sleep, and sometimes sanity to make a difference in the lives of middle schoolers. This isn't an easy task they have been called to and yet they continue to rise up and pour themselves out for the sake of this generation. This year was no exception.

This diverse group of people (many who had never met each other before--some I had never met before either) took on the daunting challenge of leading 132 middle school youth for an entire week. They played basketball, fit people into harnesses for high ropes, led discussion groups, sang loudly, danced, rode bikes, stood in the sun, walked people to the nurse (and back again and sometimes again and again), laughed at stupid videos and hilarious campers, prayed with and for people, answered questions, and functioned as pseudo mothers, father, big brothers, and sisters. There was no pay except camp food, a t-shirt, limited sleep, and the trust that God was working through them in incredible ways they may not even realize. These adults ranging wide in age and camp experience stood in the gap for a group of campers this week and pointed them in the direction of Christ. It is their selfless sacrifice that makes a week successful. I am grateful for them and their commitment to a difficult and yet rewarding quest of influence.

Thank you, my faithful friends (both old & new) for what you allowed God to do through you this week. Your Kingdom influence is greater than you know.

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