Sunday, June 21, 2015

Being a Dad

Being a father to our three teenage daughters is the most challenging and also the most rewarding role in my life. I often struggle to say and do the right thing and spend far too much time thinking about my missed opportunities and mistakes. I wonder if I am leading them in the best direction and providing them with what they need to become well-balanced, mature young women who follow Christ. It's not as if they issued an owner's manual with each girl that told us how to handle every situation. Instead we grow together, learn as we all make mistakes, offer forgiveness, and freely share grace along this journey. 

I am far from perfect (aren't we all?). I simply strive to do my best and trust God to fill in the gaps where I fall short. Thankfully my girls don't expect me to be flawless, but are content to know I love them deeply and will try my best to lead them the right way. I pray my imperfections steer them to the perfect God who honored me with the responsibility of being their dad. 

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