Monday, June 15, 2015

Taking a Difficult Walk

We have two delightfully playful dogs our family loves deeply. While we enjoy having them as part of our lives, it can sometimes be a challenge to walk them. This seems as if it should be a simple task, but it often becomes much more difficult. 

As hard as it may seem to believe, the dogs don't always cooperate and go where we want to lead them. They often pull against us making the walk less than pleasant especially when resistance is constant. If something big (or small) distracts them they will yank even harder on the leash in an effort to chase it. Then they get frantic when we won't let them pursue the object of their attention. Most of the time we end up going back inside with both of us being frustrated.

While all characteristics of dogs don't apply to humans (although a great many of them could certainly fit) this idea of "pulling against the leash" is applicable. We don't always like to be led in a different direction and can be difficult to be around when it happens. Our focus is often divided when a distraction comes across our pathway. If we are unable to maintain a disciplined vision, we'll end up frustrated instead of being fulfilled. Perhaps we could gain some insight from the advice we give our dogs and just relax. It doesn't mean we have to ignore everything around us. We only need to recognize when it's time to leap after it and when it's time to enjoy the walk.

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