Monday, February 16, 2015

I'm Here

It's often said that showing up is half of the battle. The problem with this philosophy is that you will lose a battle in which you only fight 50% of the time. We've convinced ourselves that our presence is enough when it doesn't necessarily indicate our engagement. "Being there" isn't adequate to develop a relationship or have a substantial impact if we refuse to invest ourselves into the moment.

Our children need more than a parent who is merely present and they desire someone who cares enough to discipline and encourage them. An athlete isn't going to improve their skills by standing at practice in full gear, but never engaging in any drills. You won't mature in your relationship with Christ by checking off church attendance on your to do list and ignoring God the rest of the week. Standing in the right place without putting in the right effort will cause us to lose every time.

Don't just show up, but learn to engage in something worthwhile. If it's important enough for your presence, it's important enough to work at it.

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