Sunday, February 22, 2015

Man Made

I've been reading in the Old Testament and there are numerous instances of people worshiping gods they have made themselves. They construct them out of wood, stone, and metal and then devote themselves to these objects. As hard as it may be to believe they were devotedly giving honor to something they had created and not something with any power. 

This seems foolish to us now. How could someone do something that doesn't seem to make any sense? The problem I encounter when I start throwing around my disdain is that I am forced to confront my own idol worship. 

I also worship gods of my own construction, but they just aren't as physically tangible. They are found in the measurement of my accomplishments, retweets, blog hits, Facebook likes, pats on the back, people who like me, and reputation. These man made distractions are dangerous because they reveal my own selfish nature. I have chosen to honor something that is less than deserving instead of focusing my worship where it belongs.

The physical substance may not be the same as an Old Testament idol, but the spiritual substitution is still what pulls me away from true devotion to God.

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