Saturday, February 7, 2015


There are three significantly powerful words that have changed life as we know it. They may not seem like much, but when they are spoken by the right man they are transforming. When they are uttered at the right time in history they signify a shift in the value system of the world. Those words are simply:

It Is Finished.

These were spoken by Christ on the cross at the moment of His death. It is a statement of power and a declaration of the completion of a phase of history. From that point forward our entire concept of religion, forgiveness, and devotion were radically altered. It was a unique moment that delivered present and future impact. The immediate physical task at hand was finished and this part of Christ's journey was complete. He was also declaring to the world that any future charges of sin and guilt for the sin of His people had ended. In three simple words Jesus Christ was dismissive of our sin and the voice of the enemy. 

Perhaps we need to remind ourselves of this simple phrase more often. It contains the hope we are often searching for.

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