Friday, February 13, 2015

Adjust Your Pace

I've implemented some lifestyle changes in the last six months as I work to get a more permanent handle on my health. I started with riding a stationary bike and then progressed to running the steps outside our campus church. In the last month I've moved to running the streets in the downtown area. I've been concentrating on my distance, but also on the pace I keep while running. On my last two runs I have pushed my intensity which leaves me more tired and also decreases the distance I can run. If I want to run farther I'm going to have to slow down my pace.

That's good advice for other areas of my life too. I enjoy the thrill of pushing a little harder in seasons of life and ministry, but I recognize that it shortens the time I can operate at that level. If I want to succeed in the long term, I've got to regulate my pace so I can keep going. This requires self-awareness and the willingness to rest when it's needed. It's a commitment to endurance instead of a short burst of energy that is soon forgotten.

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