Monday, February 9, 2015

Forgive Me

My wife & I periodically visit another church on Saturday nights here in town. Their Saturday service is focused on communion and is very liturgical. It's a refreshing addition to our weekend as we can focus together in a more meditative fashion on the practice of communion. I've also been moved by the power of the recitation of meaningful words together with other worshipers. My blog yesterday shared a portion of that experience that resonated deeply with me this past weekend.

There is a portion of the service where we seek forgiveness from God as part of receiving communion. Speaking these words aloud while on your knees in prayer is a moving experience that reminds me of the depth of God's forgiveness that is available if we would only ask. It is one of the most honest prayers I have prayed and a guide for the peace of grace we all seek.

Jesus, forgive my sins.

Forgive the sins that I can remember, and also the sins I have forgotten.

Forgive the wrong actions I have committed, and the right actions I have omitted.

Forgive the times I have been weak in the face of temptation, and those when I have been stubborn in the face of correction.

Forgive the times I have been proud of my own achievements, and those when I have failed to boast of Your works.

Forgive the harsh judgments I have made of others, and the leniency I have shown to myself.

Forgive the lies I have told to others, and the truths I have avoided.

Forgive me the pain I have caused others, and the indulgence I have shown to myself.

Jesus have pity on me, and make me whole.

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