Friday, February 20, 2015


We have three dogs in our home with two of them being under a year old. I didn't plan on that happening, but sometimes things move in directions you can't predict. One of our dogs, Annie, really belongs to my youngest daughter Olivia and is a rescued dog. She had been in a shelter where our girls volunteer and we brought her home before Christmas.

She is definitely an energetic dog who loves to run through the house and then jump on the furniture (and people.) Annie loves to play enthusiastically with us and the other dogs even though our old dog doesn't want anything to do with her. She knows when it's meal time and will wait by the bowl (not so) patiently. Olivia and I were talking about her ebullient attitude today and I suggested that part of it is related to her time in the shelter. She is still astounded by the freedom and love she gets here and is appreciative of each part of it.

It's not that different than when we experience the grace of God. Remembering where we used to be and how far God has brought us only makes us more appreciative of our present position. It's when we forget where we were before we tasted God's grace that we lose our enthusiasm.

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