Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Power Up

We are desperate for a revolution in our men. We want to empower men to lead with the authority given by God and to guide our families and community towards Him. The solution to so many of our problems is to focus the men of our community on Christ and His deep desire to transform us. We need to "power up" our men to be ready to lead.

I know that this is the answer and I will readily admit that we are not entirely sure of how to make that a reality in our community. We believe so much in this necessity, however, that I have asked our leadership team to enter into a time of prayer and meditation. We are gathering in unity to pray over a specific list for the next three weeks as we ask God to give us a vision for what is next. Any strong movement of God must begin with prayer. 

What do you need to be praying for today? What preparation are you asking God to do in you in anticipation of revealed vision? We will only find a moderate level of success when we operate on our strength alone. Preparing the way spiritually as we seek God's wisdom will allow God to work in us before He works through us.

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