Saturday, October 11, 2014

Word Power

As someone who writes daily and speaks in front of people weekly, I understand the power of words. I'm continually learning not to waste them and hopefully how to use them more effectively. I don't want to throw away any of the opportunities that I might have to speak positive truth. I also don't want to casually cast out words that prove to be harmful or misleading either. The privilege to communicate to people isn't one that I take lightly even if I don't always perfectly execute my intentions.

What if my communication isn't seen or heard by a large number of people? Does it matter as much then? What if I am the only one who reads what I write? Is it still powerful?

I believe that the power of words is not only determined by the size of the audience. What I speak and write also shapes my mind and spirit. That doesn't mean that I need to ignore the truth, but that I should recognize my ability to influence myself. I can't negate the incredible influence of my words even I'm the only one listening.

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