Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Everything Changes

People can point to monumental events in history and identify many moments that have drastically changed the future. I personally believe that no moment in history changed things like Christ coming back to life after being crucified. I could probably enjoy some healthy dialogue about this with people who don't believe in Christ, but I doubt that I would get much argument from Christ followers.

Here's the big question for the Church if that is true:  If the resurrection of Christ has changed everything, why do we keep living like it has all remained the same?

  • Instead of being free in forgiveness, we live as prisoners of our past.
  • We refuse to change our thoughts & attitudes even if they are in opposition to God's commands.
  • We ignore the truth by believing lies just because they've been told to us for our entire lives.
  • Stubbornly, we refuse to take steps of faith and only do what makes us comfortable.
  • We seek contentment and value in everything except Christ.

Our belief in Christ's victory over death should translate into us being changed people. That doesn't mean we'll always get it right, but it should be our aim. We certainly can't remain complacent if we believe He's alive.

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