Friday, October 10, 2014

Define the Fight

My blog yesterday asked two questions: What are you fighting for? What are you fighting against? 
I think we often naturally drift into what we are opposing instead of recognizing what we should be actively pursuing. Perhaps we should identify what we are willing to fight for if we want to see it happen. 

How do we answer that question correctly? What are the things that we should be striving to make a reality?
  • Peace 
  • To speak for those who can't speak for themselves
  • Unity in our family, church, and community
  • Social justice
  • Protecting our children
  • Integrity & fidelity in our marriages
  • Maintaining our character
  • God's calling on our lives
There is a fine balance between fighting for and against things that will keep us focused on growth instead of only finding things to be angry about. I would rather be defined by what I am strongly in favor of instead of only what I stand against.

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