Friday, October 24, 2014

Warning Signs

Warning signs exist to help us recognize and deal with potential problems. It's why our cars are now designed to turn on the "check engine" light when something needs to be adjusted or how there is a sensor that lets us know our tire pressure is low. Our bodies give us warning signs as well: blood pressure increases, heart rhythm irregularities, and referred pain that indicate physical issues. These are all intended to help us see that there is a potentially larger problem that needs our attention.

While we may have become more adept at recognizing the warning signs in some areas, I don't know that we see it in those that matter most. Do we recognize impending danger in our emotional, mental, and spiritual health? Do we pick up on the signals of potential harm and deal with them before they escalate? To address these properly we need to know what our personal warning signs are and be disciplined in addressing them.

If we don't possess the maturity to recognize and correct these indicators, we are headed for a more serious problem than if we deal with it at the first sign of danger.

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