Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Negative & Positive

It's a given fact for responsible adults that we must do some things that are not always pleasant or enjoyable.
It can be simple daily tasks like taking out the trash, dealing with a long drive to work, or a part of a job that is difficult to endure. Those unpleasant tasks can even be centered around monthly obligations like paying bills and other mundane household chores. The distaste we have for these duties doesn't change the need for these to be completed or the consequences may be unpleasant. While mature discipline is part of the solution, I have found that we have to create a balance by adding things that we do relish to our daily schedule. It's an important benefit to our overall health to add encouraging tasks to our daily regimen.
  • What did you do today that you enjoy? 
  • What did you do that brings you a sense of satisfaction? 
  • What were you able to complete that delivers a sense of accomplishment and gives you encouragement for tomorrow? 
It's vital that we find something that positively answers those questions so that we have the strength for the things that we find less than satisfying.

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