Monday, November 4, 2013


I have run from God's vision for my life for a long time. At an early age (pre-teen) He called me to ministry, but I did everything I could to avoid it. I wandered far off a path of obedience and only began to seize my calling at the age of 32 (although the journey I took was my path that led me to where I am today). Even as I have spoken the truth of that vision over myself in recent years I have found myself fighting against it--at least until recently. 

I have allowed my focus to waver and even questioned my ultimate direction until I accepted that every part of what I am doing is preparing me for the future. Trying to ignore or rationalize that calling is foolish at best and sinful at its worst. I am no longer running away from it, but am now moving towards it with passionate focus & intense desire. 

Even though the next phase of that vision is incomplete (in progress) I am still in a place of peace as I have fully embraced what God is calling me to. I am working to be prepared for what is next and praying that I would trust in His sense of timing as He finally has my full attention in the process. I could only begin the intense devotion of growth by refusing to run away from the ministry my Father & King has been guiding me towards my entire life. I don't know when the fulfillment will arrive, but I am enjoying the journey with a definite destination in mind. 

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