Tuesday, November 5, 2013


As my hometown Mainland Bucs beat their local rival Seabreeze Sandcrabs this past week, I shared this comment online before the game: Preparation + Execution = Success. This principle isn't difficult to understand from a sports perspective. We analyze our opponent, learn their tendencies, develop a game plan, and then execute the plan to win. Every consistently successful team follows this mantra. 

Why should it be any different for a Christ-follower? Why do we fail to apply these same principles for winning our battle with the enemy? I'm not discounting the fact that we can't be perfect, but I have seen (and personally experienced) failure simply because of the lack of preparation. It's a matter of recognizing areas of weakness, putting a plan in place to avoid that temptation, and turning to God's power to find the strength to execute the plan when the test comes. 

It's not going to happen just because we wish for it. We've got to put in the disciplined training and preparation and then follow through at the right moment to create success.

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