Saturday, November 30, 2013

Proper Posture

I remember being a kid and my mom telling me to stand and sit up straight or it would affect my spine for the rest of my life. This must be a standard principle from the Mother's Credo along with not sitting too close to the television or my eyes would be ruined, and the need to stop crying before she gave me something to cry about. In actuality, I'm sure it was something that she carried over from her mother and father-the importance of good posture.

It's obviously something that matters to God as well since He teaches on it often. We are counseled regularly in Scripture on the importance of bowing our heads, kneeling, and taking a reverential stance. It reflects our level of honor for God and our recognition of our position relative to Him. 

What spiritual posture are we maintaining in our prayer life or when we read the Bible? What position do we take when we are desperate for an answer from God? Do we come with a position of humility, honor & respect or do we show up with a sense of entitlement thinking that God owes us something? Maintaining a proper posture reveals our level of understanding of our position relative to God. It's a stance that is developed over time as we recognize our need to rely on His generous greatness.

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