Saturday, November 9, 2013

Side By Side

We hosted another "Northridge Cares" day as we left our church building and went into the
community to make a tangible difference. While we had five different locations there were specific intentions behind the choice of each one. We partnered with two schools, a national organization (the Boys & Girls Club), a community organization, and performed a random act of kindness. There were great moments of teamwork and the satisfaction of seeing the direct results of our efforts.

My wife & daughters were at a different location than I as they worked in an area called the Harrisburg Community. It is in an area that struggles economically, but also has a phenomenal resource through a playground, community center, and community garden. We had over 20 people from Northridge at this one location working together to accomplish our task list. The biggest blessing was when people from that community noticed our crews, grabbed their tools, and came to join us in the efforts. It was the perfect picture of what community involvement should be. It's not about a church coming in from the outside to bring transformation through their efforts. True community engagement is a partnership as we work alongside the people we are striving to help. Those that live inside and outside the community are equally important in making a difference. We share the resources we have for substantive, lasting impact when we work side by side.

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