Monday, November 18, 2013


Have you ever had an old pair of shoes that you just didn't want to get rid of? They aren't meant to be worn on every occasion, but they are perfect for when you want to wear something comfortable.
Other people may not completely understand why you hang on to them-after all, they wouldn't fit them well anyway. The important thing is that they fit you and you are at ease when wearing them. It's definitely much more about the function of the shoes than the style.

This is similar to some relationships in our lives as well. There are people that are just comfortable to be around. Even though it may have been quite a while since you were face-to-face, there is a sense of ease as you slip back into a comfortable interaction. There is a depth and familiarity from shared experiences that can't often be explained, but feels right when you are in it. Every now and then you are fortunate enough to be reminded of how valuable these kinships are to you and why you continue to keep them around.

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