Monday, July 22, 2013

To Trust or Not to Trust

Do I trust God?

There are sentinel moments in my life when I have answered this question in the affirmative. When I chose to follow Christ, when I left Nashville and the restaurant business to teach high school, as I left MHS to enter into ministry, and when we departed Florida for a new life in Georgia my answer was obvious. I trusted God when my wife was diagnosed with cancer and when we found out we were pregnant and were unsure about the health of our child and my wife. There are these momentous occasions when I can stand and say, "Yes! I do trust You God!" 

The true depth of our trust is not found in the leaps of faith however, but in the daily discipline of life. We reveal how much we trust God by the thoughts that we allow to dominate our mind and flow out into our speech. We show our trust through our prioritized tasks and goals for career & family. We reveal our trust in the intimate moments of integrity that shine a bright light on our true character. 
Trust in God is discovered more in day-to-day life than in triumph and tragedy. It's the small moments that build a foundation on which the grander decisions can be made.

Trusting in God doesn't mean that He gives you everything you want & ask for. Trusting doesn't mean that you agree with everything that happens as God answers your prayers. It does mean that you have more confidence in His provision for you than in your own ability to discern what you need. It's revealed through the small moments that build a foundation on which grander life decisions are made. Trusting God means that you submit to His will and honor Him regardless of your circumstances.

Do I trust God? I answer that question every day through the way I live.

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