Thursday, July 25, 2013

Refusing to Settle

I was driving today and listening to ESPN radio (as I almost always do) and overheard an interview with Jim Mora, Head Football Coach at UCLA. He was hired before last season and charged with bringing their football program back to a point of championship contention. He was being asked about the upcoming season and said, "We are building something. It won't happen immediately, but it will last." This is obviously a man that is able to see the big picture of what he is doing at UCLA. It's not about winning more games than the year before, but about building a program of integrity and excellence that will contend each year for championships and develop young men of character.

Sadly, in our own lives, we quit before we see the results of our hard work. This reveals our desire for instant gratification instead of having the patient perseverance to develop over time. Part of this is a lack of understanding of where we are trying to go & what we are working to build. We have to understand that when we are investing in our futures we can't expect an immediate payoff--in fact, there may be short-term setbacks that are setting us up for long-term success. 

The truth is that we want something that lasts longer than a season. It's a reflection of our desire to be part of legacy of tremendous value. Understanding and implementing this approach is the difference between visionary and mediocre leadership.

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