Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Not So Good

"It's just a matter of bringing it every day. It's when you're not at your best, when something's off--those are the days that define you. You better figure out a way to do it because the pitcher doesn't care, the other team doesn't care, and your teammates are relying on you." Giancarlo Stanton, Miami Marlins

It's easy to be excellent when everything comes easily. There are those days when you feel as if you are operating at the peak of your strengths with incredible energy reserves and intense focus. Then there are the days when you feel as if you are running backwards in chest deep mud in ill-fitting shoes while carrying cinder blocks. It might seem easier to just quit and go home (or leave home) but that isn't the answer either. There are people that depend on us to be committed and consistent--whether that is in our calling, our family, or community. Our character will be revealed in our dedication to doing what's right regardless of the level of difficulty. We become stronger people as we maintain our level of dedication and focus on developing perseverance. The bond of our relationships will strengthen and we'll find that the sweetest victories are in the times of struggle and not in moments of ease.

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