Saturday, July 13, 2013

Stop & Go

Good leaders are usually applauded for their ability to forge ahead in difficult times. They are congratulated for their gift of visioncasting and how they create a culture of winning in those they
lead. These visionaries are credited for persevering in adversity and for refusing to lose sight of the path they have committed to following. Their tenacity is an enviable quality and books are written about their ability to struggle to the top with their people. There is another quality of a leader that is often forgotten and certainly much less celebrated. It is found most often in the biblical role of leadership found in a shepherd.

Much like other leaders, a shepherd will protect their flock and are constantly aware of the desired destination of their sheep. They work diligently to make sure that those they lead are provided for (being fed) and that no outside dangers cause them harm. There is a constant effort to keep the flock together as an isolated sheep is vulnerable to attack and most certainly won't reach the desired end. We forget however that a good shepherd also knows when it is time for the flock to rest. He (or she) understands the need to regulate pace and find time for recuperation. It may seem counterintuitive to stop when the demands of the journey are so great, but down time will rejuvenate & refocus everyone. 

A good leader is able to maintain speed when necessary, but also sees the value in pulling to the side of the road to catch your breath. It's a wise balance of rest & perseverance that leads to fulfilled objectives and healthier people.

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