Saturday, July 20, 2013


One of the greatest things the enemy has done to men is to convince them that they are alone. We 
have believed the lie that no one has it as bad as we do and that no one has done the things we have. We have accepted the fallacy that our failures are unique and everyone has it together more than we do. The whispering voice of the enemy tells us that it's best for us to just keep trudging along and if we get ambitious to aim for "good enough" but no higher than that. It's time that we recognized these falsehoods and started seeking truth.

We are not meant to travel this journey alone. We were created with the need for other people and we  are healthier when we give others the right to speak God's truth into our lives. There is no new sin under the sun, God's best is still greater than the worst thing we have done, and His grace and mercy outweigh all of our sin. Don't settle for mediocrity, but pursue excellence in our own spiritual devotion, in our calling, and in our families.

These truths destroy the excuses and lies of our enemy and empower men to boldly lead our families, communities, and churches. It's time for us to be strong, courageous men of influence the way God has called us to lead.

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