Sunday, June 30, 2013

King Me

We wrapped up our series for men, "Man Up" this morning at Northridge by challenging men to be kings. It should be the one of the final stages of being a godly man and yet it is often abused. Being a king isn't about being in authority over others and demanding elite rights & privileges. Genuine godly leadership is focused on providing benefit to the people that we have been entrusted to guide. An attitude of servant leadership best defines the way a king should lead and yet it rarely does in today's model. It's difficult for us as we battle our own selfish ambitions, the examples (both good & bad) that influence us, and the cultural call to succeed at all costs. 

It's an interesting paradox in which we see that a successful leader isn't the all-powerful, commanding, dynamo that causes people to fall at their feet. A respected leader will instead be marked by their willingness to submit to their followers and will work tirelessly for the greatest good for the people they lead. It's the way that the upside-down leadership model of the Kingdom of God has always operated.

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