Saturday, June 29, 2013

Completely Content

I had a revelation while sitting in Starbucks this morning. My mind has been focused on ministering to men lately-how to develop community, how to empower them to lead, and to lead men to Christ. As I was reading I came across the phrase, "completely content." I immediately thought to myself--the lack of contentment is the root of the sin of man. It's why men are trapped in lust-filled fantasies through porn addictions, why we abandon our families in the name of furthering our careers, why we pour resources into maintaining appearances, and why we allow infidelity to destroy our relationships.

Complete contentment is only found in Christ. I know this to be true and yet struggle with the concept just the same. I'm always looking for what is next, how to grow more, and to find another level. There is nothing inherently wrong with that attitude as long as it based in Christ's development of us. Finding satisfaction in the grace of Christ and in the work of the Holy Spirit in us will be what enables us to be truly great men of God.

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