Tuesday, June 4, 2013


I believe in the power of prayer. I believe that God waits to hear from His people & that it builds intimacy and spiritual dependency on His power. I have seen the evidence of prayer in my own life & in the transformation in others. I have witnessed people being healed from addiction and disease and watched as relationships were made whole that I thought would be broken forever. There is no doubt that God desires this intimacy with His people and that He wants to give us the pure desires of our heart as we invest in our journey with Him.

Sadly, even though I know it is the best thing that I can do, I often fail to make prayer my first instinct. It's a sad duality to be a person who firmly believes in something and yet doesn't always turn to it right away. The truth is that I don't like it when I realize this reality, but it spurs me to diligently focus on creating a first instinct of seeking God's wisdom & provision.

I want my legacy to be of a man that goes to God in prayer without hesitation and then acts afterwards instead of the other way around.

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