Sunday, June 23, 2013

Getting Better

I was watching the postgame interviews from the NBA championships the other morning. One of the announcers asked LeBron James about the team's potential for a three-peat. I am sure there were people who thought it might be premature to inquire about this since they were only hours after winning their second title. In fact, it may seem quite natural to refuse to answer simply based on a desire to celebrate.

LeBron's response was different from what the average person might do however. He clearly said that each person on the team was going to have to get better. Even though there would be some downtime to enjoy the completion of a season of hard work, his team would have to begin preparing physically and mentally to improve to see success again. He understood that what worked to bring victory today may not (and probably won't be) enough to guarantee success tomorrow.

Are we doing the same thing in the seasons of our life? Do we frequently pause for evaluation and then strive to find some way to improve? This introspection and adjustment is absolutely essential for growth. We won't achieve the same goals just because it worked before. The journey will become more difficult and we will have to work harder.

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