Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Greater Than: God > fear

Fear can be incredibly debilitating. It prevents us from growing, paralyzes us with indecision, and can wreck our concept of trust. It's not always an irrational fear, but can often be explained by our experiences as well.We can become fearful when we suffer through something traumatic and allow that moment to become the root of insecurity and a barrier to future decisions. When we refuse to address it we give it power over us that can sometimes bring our pace of life to an immediate halt.

I believe this inhibiting power is why God tells us that the fear of Him is the beginning of wisdom. It involves our recognition of God's divine omnipotence and a spiritual release when we see that no fear is greater than God's ability to overcome it. As we learn to respect and honor Him we will find that the dark shadows that have entrapped us for so long have been illuminated by truth.

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