Thursday, June 20, 2013

No More Hold

As I was mowing yesterday (and getting some good meditation in at the same time) I found myself thinking about a song from NewSpring Church called, "Sin Has No More Hold On Me." There is profound power in that title and the implications for life.

I find peace in knowing that Christ offers release from the addictive powers of sin--especially those particular sins that we struggle to escape from. What God offers isn't just freedom from a sin that traps us however, but also a cleansing from sins of the past that threaten to hold us down. When we genuinely confess sin and ask for forgiveness, God cleans us up and sets us back on our feet. He removes the shame & guilt of past sin and provides a brand-new beginning marked by freedom in Christ.

God doesn't just forgive us--He restores us. How relieving is it to know that we can have the oppressive chains of repetitive sin removed as well as the burden of shame and inadequacy lifted?  That's a Father who loves His children unconditionally and wants to make us new.

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