Monday, October 8, 2012

Target Practice

You probably wouldn't consider yourself an expert marksman if you only occasionally hit the target. I guess you do have the alternative of shooting & then painting a target around it to make yourself feel like you accomplished something. It's like hunting with an automatic weapon--you can strafe the woods with gunfire and you will probably kill something in the deluge of bullets, but that doesn't make you a great hunter.

Do we act any differently in our personal lives? If we aren't intentionally aiming at something then we can't truly call it success if we happen to hit something positive. What targets (goals) are we aiming at in our lives? Are we specific in our marriages with building up our spouse and helping them become more fully developed in Christ? Do we know what we are praying for our children, and are we helping them to make the right decisions to get there? Are we cruising into & out of church each weekend and hoping something rubs off? Is our prayer life filled with wishes for general blessing and God "being there" for us or are we being bold enough to ask for specific direction and wisdom?

We won't necessarily fail 100% of the time if we don't specify what we are aiming for, but hitting a random target doesn't always bring victory either. Know what you're aiming at and work to make that a reality. The victories we celebrate along an intentional pathway are much sweeter when we manage to hit the target.

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