Sunday, October 28, 2012

In His Presence

We all want God to be for us--we just don't necessarily want Him to be with us. 

Most people would admit that they want God's blessings. We ask people to pray for us and for God to bless financial endeavors, job opportunities, health & medical situations, and our families. It's not a bad thing to ask for God's kindnesses, in fact, He makes promises to us and tells us to seek them out. We have confidence that we can look forward to His deliverance when we pray in faith.

The dilemma for us is that we spend so much time seeking the presents of God that we forget to seek the Presence of God. We desire Him as our advocate, working tirelessly our our behalf and always in our best interests, but we don't necessarily want Him as our traveling companion. Having God on our journey of life means that we have to be more aware of our actions, thoughts, and attitudes. Being conscious of His omnipresence means that we can't (in good conscience) willingly choose to sin and ignore the spiritual consequences. We can't grab onto the blessings God offers and live a life that's not dedicated to His will. 

Some people might say, "Just give me the good stuff!" not realizing that God With Us is the best thing He can give us. It's an adventure of maturing faith as we learn to desire God more than the gifts He can deliver. 

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