Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mark My Words

I've always found it a bit puzzling that in the Gospels Jesus tells His disciples what is coming and they are still surprised when it happens. There are multiple instances of Jesus predicting His death and resurrection and yet His followers react in stunned panic when it actually occurs. I know that I have the benefit of reading the entire story, but I do often wonder why no one commented on His words coming true.

I guess that's because it's much easier to see the truth of something when you already know the outcome. When we are in the moment, there are times when we don't understand what God is saying either. He can be direct & to the point and we still search for hidden meaning instead of acting on the truth He is trying to tell us. 

Why is that? I think the most honest answer is that it's just not what we want to hear. It's too uncomfortable for us, an area of sin we don't want to confront, a risk of faith we aren't ready to take, a step of obedience we don't want to follow through on, or perhaps it just seems overwhelming. 

Ignoring God's message doesn't negate its value nor does it remove our responsibility to act on it. He'll just keep telling us through prayer, the Word, and other people and leave the decision of obedience up to us.


  1. I had so many of these same thoughts reading Mark today. something like "and they argued about what he meant by 'rising from the dead.' It's amazing how sometimes we believers keep talking, arguing, debating about what God says, because we know if we shut up we'll have to hear God reminding us to start applying it!

    1. It reminds me of one of my favorite things Jesus said, "You unbelieving and perverse generation. How long shall I stay & put up with you?" I think (at least in His human form) Jesus thought, "How are you not getting this?"