Saturday, October 13, 2012

Resolved (Part 2)

The potential for societal change is tremendous if men & women would resolve:
  • To do all things with integrity--not just those that other people see
  • (Men) To love & encourage our wives with genuine devotion and a desire to see her grow in Christ
  • (Women) To love & support their husbands with respect and honest communication
  • To parent our children for their benefit and not our convenience
  • To model a life of prayer and devotion to God in studying His Word
  • That our family will contribute to the benefit of the world around us through our finances, time, and abilities
  • To faithfully partner with a church & actively engage in growing closer to Christ & serving others
  • To not waste moments with my family, but to intentionally invest in them regardless of our current mood
  • To not allow the prejudice of others to taint my view of the people God has put around me
  • To be part of the solution for the poor, disadvantaged, forgotten & ignored peoples in our neighborhoods as well as around the globe
  • To teach our children to stand for what is right even when it's hard
  • To do all things with honoring Christ at the forefront of our ambition

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