Monday, June 1, 2015

Enjoy the Ride

I see pictures online of people on vacation and start to think about our family vacation at the end of the summer. We always head down to the beach and spend a week being hermits. I'm already looking forward to it and have to remind myself not to dwell on it too much since it is still a few months away.

We leave for the beach early on the day of departure so we can be there by lunchtime and have the afternoon to spend relaxing. Honestly, my main objective on the day of travel is to get there as quickly as possible so our adventure can begin. I don't think too much about the journey except to move it along as quickly as possible (within legal limits of course.)

While it might make sense to think this way about a vacation, I wonder how often I make the mistake of rushing my journey in the rest of my life. I tend to think ahead and look forward to new things and while that is valuable for a vision-focused person, it can lead to me neglecting the value of the process of getting there. There should be joy and a peaceful appreciation for the steps of the journey and not just a focus on my destination. Our life pilgrimage will be much sweeter when we soak up all of the moments along the way. Our life is not just based on where we end up, but how we live out each step along the way. My experiences would be even more fulfilling if I would fully engage in all parts of the journey and not just focus on the arrival.

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