Wednesday, June 17, 2015

That Must Be Real

Perception is reality. 

I've often used this phrase to describe the concept of what we see becoming what we believe to be true. Our personal view of current circumstances will shape how we engage with people around us. While it's important to recognize this truth to foster better relationships, it can also present a problem when someone's perception is incorrect. This leads to a false idea of reality that may be completely skewed from what is actually taking place.

Approaching these situations humbly is key to helping people see what is actually taking place without demeaning their viewpoint. We need to show respect for other's perceptions while working to gently correct a wrong path. This can't be done from a position of superiority or an intrinsic desire to be right. It has to be focused on reconciliation and mutual submission to the real truth not just the truth as we choose to see it.

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