Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Off We Go

My wife and I watched the first Hobbit movie again the other night (our whole family loves Tolkien's series.) As the characters set off on their quest, I thought to myself, "they have no idea how long this journey will actually take or how different they will be when they return." Obviously, I am aware these are fictional characters, but the theme still rings true for us. 

We are all embarking on journeys throughout our different phases of life. The beginning of each one holds great promise, excitement, and even some fear. Even though we may have some idea where we are headed, there are unexpected turns and events which change the shape of our travel. The length of our journey and the personal adaptations we go through are not always easily anticipated. If we head down this path with a flexible mindset and the willingness to explore, there's a good chance we'll be positively improved at the conclusion of our trip.

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