Thursday, June 4, 2015

Things I Like

It's important to know what we like. This way we can focus on repeating these things as often as possible. I like (in no particular order);

  • Talking with my wife; no one knows me or understands me like she does. 
  • Laughing with my children; they have an incredible sense of humor and I love their smiles
  • Good coffee; the comforting strong aroma & hot java are a social connection and opens doors to conversation
  • Reading: I enjoy losing myself in a good fiction book and growing through nonfiction 
  • Running: this is a new found addition which continues to stimulate and excite me
  • Preaching: it's what I am gifted to do and I feel spiritually in tune when I am fortunate enough to do it
  • My dog: coming home to the completely enthusiastic, unconditional love of a good dog can't be beat
  • New experiences: I like to eat new foods, meet new people, and see things in different ways
  • Sports: they provide a common ground of conversation while increasing my appreciation for athletic feats
  • Simple things: sitting on my porch in the early morning, taking my girls out for a cup of coffee, a well-timed "thank you" from a friend, a good hug, and sleep

Do you know what you like and have you figured out ways to make them part of your regular life patterns? If we don't work to include these, we'll miss out on what brings us joy. 

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